Karen Olsson- Co Founder

As a serial entrepreneur Karen is passionate about people and technology and believes that when they intersect, they make the world a better place. As an executive leader Karen extensive experience in both early and growth-stage startups requiring a strategic focus on recruitment, operations management, revenue, and investment.

David Olsson- Co Founder

David has more than 25 years of innovating, designing, leading and building experiences across a number of verticals and industries. From being an educator to a serial entrepreneur to working with thought leaders in media, gaming, market research and energy sectors, David has continually worked on the leading edge of what is recently possible and evidently meaningful.

Nicholas Prouten- Director of Marketing

A firm believer that diversity is strength, Nick has been fortunate to have worked in a wide set of industries ranging from Cybersecurity, Gaming, Real Estate and Entertainment, to Blockchain. From this he has developed a powerful set of skills to fit almost any situation and project.

Presently his role as Director of Marketing at Atomic47 Labs allows him the opportunity to build, grow, and scale communities for early-stage start-ups, and bring them to the world stage.


Travis Worthing - Lead Developer